American heart association

The American Heart Association provides material on congenital heart defects and has two endowments listed below.
Whether you are looking for definitions of medical terms, hospitals caring for people with CHDs, other people with whom you can network and share experiences, links to support groups, articles regarding CHDs, or resources for the CHD community, you have come to the right place!

March of dimes

The March of dimes provides information and much more on all birth defects including congenital heart defects.


Zachary Brooks CHD Endowment

The Zachary Brooks CHD Endowment is a 501 C (3) tax exempt charitable organization.  We are all volunteers working to raise awareness and funding for Congenital Heart Defects, therefore, 100% of all donations contributed to the Zachary Brooks CHD Endowment go to CHD Research.  No over head costs or administration costs are ever taken out!

The Legacy Of Life Endowment

The Legacy of Life is an American Heart Association campaign to raise $1 million for congenital heart defect research.  When we meet our goal, these funds will be invested and the Legacy of Life endowment will be created.  This endowment will provide a perpetual funding source for congenital heart defect research – the most common birth defect and the leading cause of death from birth defects during the first year of life.


Online Support and Information
CHD Families Raising Awareness

We are a support group for parents, grandparents and siblings of children born with Congenital Heart Disease.  We have a mission to not only provide support to those touched by CHD, but to do what we can to spread awareness of Congenital Heart Disease and the need for research. We do this in many ways, by contacting the local press, by participating in CHD Awareness events and by  working with our United Heart's Partners.  If you are looking for information and answers on Congenital Heart Defects, we suggest that you visit the Congenital Heart Defects website sponsored by Baby's Heart Press.  It is the most comprehensive website on the subject of Congenital Heart Disease.  If you are looking for support or to speak with other caregivers of children with CHD and learn more about becoming an advocate for our children, feel free to join our group.  If you have any questions or would like direction in any way, feel free to email us.


Family Matching and Books related to CHD's

Kids With Heart NACHD- support, education, and resources for families affected by congenital heart defects and children's acquired heart disorders


Little Hearts

Little Hearts, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in January 1998. We provide support, resources, networking, and hope to families affected by congenital heart defects. Membership consists of families nationwide who have or are expecting a child with a congenital heart defect.

Our mission is to offer support and hope to families affected by congenital heart defects through our support services and to promote public awareness for this #1 birth defect.

Membership to Little Hearts is free to all families. If you would like to receive any of the support services we offer or be of support to other families, please send in a membership form.



CHD Awareness Quilt Project

The Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Quilt Project was created to promote greater public awareness of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), while honoring the strength, courage, and commitment of all those born with a CHD and their families.


Congenital heart anomalies, support, education and resources.


The Massachusetts Heart Coalition
(Grieving Hearts Support Group)

The Massachusetts Heart Coalition, Inc. was formed to eradicate Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs).

We will accomplish our goal by:

  • raising the public's awareness about the number one birth defect (CHDs),

  • working to support further research and focusing legislative attention on CHD-related issues,

  • drawing attention by speaking publicly about CHDs

  • connecting individuals and families coping with CHDs with resources



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