Seven Years Old

Seven years old, I canít imagine

For most of it, youíve been in heaven

You would be so big now, beautiful, tall

I would hear you walking down the hall

Coming to talk to me about something going on

As Iím drinking my coffee in the morning dawn

I miss you more than I could possibly say

And yet I still love you more each and every day

Your sister can finally kind of understand,

But I hope she never knows the loss of a child, first hand

Your first little brother is asking about you now

He really doesnít understand and I canít explain how

He sees pictures of you as a baby, but knows youíre older than him

How do you shed light on a subject so dim

You are his sister, but you donít live with us anymore

He wants to see you, like he can just open a door

If only it were so easy, I wish I could too

Iíd love so much to talk to you, be next to you

To hold you in my arms and see your smiling face

Just to have you here and be able to embrace

Please, my darling, know no one could ever take your place

So, baby girl, have a Happy Birthday

I'll always love you more than words can say...




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