Emily's 3rd Birthday is June 4, 2004.  When you go outside that day, will you do a favor for me and blow a kiss to the sky and tell Emily
Happy Birthday!


My baby girl would be a toddler now
I think back and wonder how
Time could pass at such a pace
Holding only to our memories of our Emily Grace
So much has happened, life has moved on
She's still a part of our family, though she is gone
We've done things for her lots of times
Raised money for CHD, walked for the March of Dimes
We take flowers to her grave
But it's her gentle touch we crave
It's been three years, how could that be
The day of her birth, through memories I see
I can't help but think of how today would be
If only she were still here with me
She'd be playing games and running about
I'd take a picture as she blew her candle out
She'd open presents and eat her cake
There would be so many memories we could make
But today is not going to be that way
In Heaven she'll celebrate her 3rd Birthday
We'll take a walk down memory lane
Tears will fall just like the rain
We will cherish the moments we had
For that we will always be glad
To her grave, we'll take the flowers we've bought
In hopes she knows we have not forgot
So, Happy Birthday to my baby girl
In Heaven, I hope you dance and twirl....

All My Love, Mommy


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